Proudly Supporting Our Local Humane Society:            
We encourage you to support your local animal shelter:
Ways you can help are:
Money:  and its tax deductable..... The Humane society always has animals in need of medical care. Animals that come with medical baggage are less likely to be adopped. Your donations help provide medical care and medications for these animals, which makes their chances in being placed in FOREVER HOMES 100% better.
Become a volunteer at your local animal shelter. A few hours a week can make a world of difference in an animals life, and the feeling you get is priceless.
Foster Program:
Become a Foster Parent. Foster Parents house the sick, injured, mothers with babies and/or babies that are to young to be adopted. Most shelters will provide food and medication during the animals stay. The memories you will have and the joy it will bring you will last a lifetime.
Report all Animal Abuse to your Local Humane Society:
We are the only voice these precious animals have.
Buy from a caring Breeder that truly loves their dogs. A Breeder that has their dogs Health-Tested for Healthier puppies. A breeder that can provide you with a good and valid reference from their veterinarian.
Take a moment today to Thank God for your pets. Enjoy and take good care of them... Life would be an unhappier, less joyful experience without God's creatures.  


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